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Announcement on the method of reporting the suspicion of impersonating China Telecom and its affiliate(s)

In order to uphold the market order, safeguard the corporate legitimate rights and mutually maintain a desirable business operation environment with trustworthiness in accordance with regulations and laws, China Telecom Global Limited (hereinafter known as “our company”) establishes the channels from any of the general public for receiving any report(s) on the suspicions of impersonating our company and our affiliate(s), which includes but not limited to the circumstances as follows:

1. Any organization(s) or individual(s) register our company or our affiliate(s) as their shareholders or stakeholders by using any forged the company registration application, equity transaction agreement, enterprise seal, business license, legal representative signature and identity certificate or other materials containing any materially falsified information.
2. Any organization(s) or individual(s), which provide intermediary services, other services or any assistances, to those organizations or individuals allegedly impersonated our company or our affiliate(s) for making improper or unlawful profit or interest.
3. Any organization(s) or individuals, in the fact that having no equity relationship with our company or our affiliate(s),, but fraudulently advertise as our company or our affiliate(s) to mislead any of the general public.
4. Other illegal and unlawful conducts in connection with impersonation of our company or our affiliate(s), for example, illegally using trademarks, trade names or logo of China Telecom, etc.

If anyone discovers any of the situation above or suspicions on any organization(s) or individual(s) which purportedly have relationship with our company or our affiliates, please contact us at the designated email address or postal addresses below and preferably provide us with your valid contact information for follow-up.

Reporting Channels:

(一)Report Email:

(二)Mailing address (Hong Kong China) :
28/F, Everbright Center, 108 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong China.

(三)Mailing address (Beijing, China) :
12/F, International Department, No. 19 Chaoyangmen North Street, Beijing, China.