About Innovic Technology Corporation Limited

Innovic Technology Corporation Limited ("Innovic Technology"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Global Limited ("China Telecom Global”), was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Hong Kong China. With the vision to become a leading DICT service provider in Asia-Pacific, Innovic Technology leverages its strong R&D capabilities and specialities in DICT integration services to enable enterprises to expedite the digital transformation journey.Supported by China Telecom Global’s extensive global network, Innovic Technology enjoys vast cloud-network resources around the globe. Collaborating with over 300 global partners and securing reliable localised operations, Innovic Technology is dedicated to empowering businesses to seize digital transformation opportunities and accelerate global expansion.With a comprehensive product offering, Innovic Technology provides a wide array of solutions and services, including global intelligent cloud-network services, MSP public cloud ecosystem services, hybrid cloud integration services to facilitate overseas and local operations, and integrated digital solutions for business partners in a wide range of sectors, such as Government, Finance, Internet, Manufacturing and Retail.