Furnishing Business Excellence with Innovation and Interconnection





China Telecom Global Limited (abbreviated as “CTG”) Annual Supplier Excellence Conference will be held on the 27th of May, 2022.

The conference will provide a unique opportunity for CTG Management to thank our important supplier partners and update you on prospects of CTG procurement strategy in various categories and regions, as well as planning of our evolving technology and service solutions.

The theme for this year is “Furnishing Business Excellence by Innovation and Interconnection”. By further optimizing our relationship between CTG and supplier partners, we strive to strengthen mutual interconnection & collaboration, to achieve innovation and economic benefit sharing as well as operations excellence.

With the success of online event last year, we made persistent effort this year to plan an exhilarating agenda, where you can hear from our CTG executives and participate in a range of live sessions including keynote speeches on procurement-related topics and Supplier Excellence Awards.

Conference Agenda
会前合影 Group Photo-Taking
获邀嘉宾线上合影环节 Group Online Photo-Taking of Invited Guests
来自国际公司高管的主题阐述、总结与未来展望 Theme Elaboration & Future Insights by CTG Executive
开幕致辞 Opening Ceremony
专题演说 Keynote Speech
同舟共赢 Win-Win Supply Strategy
年度卓越供应商奖 Supplier of the Year Award
颁奖仪式 Award Presentation
专题演说 Keynote Speech
开放合作,协同共赢,创建DICT市场新生态 Innovation of DICT Ecosystem via Win-Win Partnership
创新技术供应商奖 Technological Innovation Award
颁奖仪式 Award Presentation
专题演说 Keynote Speech
供应商管理 – 箭不虚发,快如流星 Supplier Management – Do the Right Things with Super Speed
卓越服务供应商奖 Service Excellence Award
颁奖仪式 Award Presentation
闭幕致辞 Closing Ceremony
来自国际公司高管的闭幕总结致辞 Closing Speech by CTG Executive
Conference Snaps
Supplier Excellence Awards
The full names of the Awardees are listed below, in recognition of their outstanding contributions over the past year.
Partners’ Names are listed in NO particular order.
Congratulations to the above awardees