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Retail Solutions

Focusing on the retail industry's feature of requirements: flexible IT architecture, flexible expansion, and centralized management, China Telecom added a variety of Internet-based architecture designs and implementation solutions to the retail industry based on the traditional wide-area network architecture. Provide a one-stop service solution that covers the underlying architecture to upper-layer applications.
CTG Solutions for Retails Industry
Retails industry IT package
Retails industry IT package
Challenges which customers face
Challenges which customers face
·With the integration of IT and business, IT is transformed from technology center to service center.
·Due to the rapid expansion of retail chain stores, ICT construction funds are limited, and IT personnel are limited in maintenance personnel.
·These pose new challenges to the informatization of chain stores:
A. information system is rapidly deployed; B. network is simple, integrated and low investment; C. the security access between headquarters and branch store.
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