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China Telecom relies on a rich global technology and management team for project planning, design, implementation, and operation experience to provide customers with a comprehensive package of information technology parks and plant construction plans; through the design and construction of intelligent networks, platforms, and application to meet Park owners, settled companies, and residents have a wealth of information needs.
CTG Manufacturing plant / park IT Solutions
Smart Park Solutions
Secure network and weak current system engineering
Smart Park Solutions
Challenges which customers face
Challenges which customers face
·There is a lack of familiarity with local IT information-based systems construction specifications and requirements, and it is not possible to meet local supervision requirements;
·There is a lack of familiarity with local IT information-based systems suppliers/cooperative partners, and it is not possible to determine suitable suppliers/cooperative partners;
·Unfamiliarity with the local IT labor force makes it difficult to recruit suitable IT information-based system technicians and managers;
·Communication is impeded due to factors in the areas of language, culture, and customs, making it difficult to clarify the customer's true needs.
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