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CTExcel Mobile Service

China Telecom CTExcel operates under China Telecom Global Limited (CTG), and offers a variety of mobile data, voice call, SMS, one-card-multi-number, eSIM, and other value-added services for corporate and individual clients from Hong Kong , United Kingdom, France, United States, Canada and many more regions and countries across the globe. In 2018, the brand established its first bricks-and-mortar store in Hong Kong, China.

Global IoT Connectivity Service

We also provide global internet of things (IoT) services to enterprise consumers and mobile network operators by integrating the strengths of our corporation. By leveraging our high-quality global network, eSIM capabilities, device management platform, also rich knowledge and expertise in the industry, we have built an IoT ecosystem and solutions among different industries and areas, including the internet of vehicles (IoV), public transport, manufacturing, asset tracking and the smart city.

CTExcel Mobile WiFi

CTExcel Mobile WiFi, which is the wireless pocket router, covers more than 90 overseas countries and regions based on global resources of China Telecom so that you can enjoy surfing the Internet in anywhere at anytime. Charges and contents can be entirely localized no matter whether you are on business, traveling or educational exchanges.CTExcel- May The World Be With You!

A2P SMS Solution

A2P (Application to Person) SMS can be used to send one-time notifications for internal communications, customer service, authentication procedures etc. We provide stable,secure,high quality & cost saving SMS solution for our Enterprise customers from different industries.

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