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CTExcel Mobile Services

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CTExcel Mobile Services

Hong Kong marks the fourth international market in its repertoire, adding to China Telecom Global’s other launches in the United Kingdom in 2012, France in 2013 to cover the European region, and the United States in 2015. The breadth of CTExcel’s tailor-made global telecommunications portfolio provides users with access to international high-speed 4G LTE service, as well as the ability to perform IDD calls and SMS at some of the most cost-effective rates in the market.

CTExcel Mobile WiFi

CTExcel Mobile WiFi, which is the wireless pocket router, covers more than 90 overseas countries and regions based on global resources of China Telecom so that you can enjoy surfing the Internet in anywhere at anytime. Charges and contents can be entirely localized no matter whether you are on business, traveling or educational exchanges.CTExcel- May The World Be With You!

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