Government Solution
Extra-low voltage (ELV) Engineering
Extra-low voltage (ELV) Engineering
Customer's Need
  • Strictly comply with laws and standards of different countries.
  • Wide access to local information service provider personnel, timely response and efficiently solve problems.
  • Need 360 ° visualisation without dead angle for important places.
  • Equipment and system manufacturers are needed to provide overseas technical services and maintenance services.

With presence in 41 countries and regions, and services around the world, we can help customers comply with local requirement, and deliver local services in accordance with the domestic standards of the Chinese government. Our product and service advantages:

  • We are familiar with overseas weak current engineering system suppliers and partners, can provide customers with high-quality local service.
  • With rich experience in project planning, design, implementation and operation, we can provide customers with comprehensive solutions.
  • We can provide assistance to domestic equipment and system manufacturers designated by the government and deliver local services globally.
Weak Current System Engineering Service includes:
  • Structured cabling system
  • Door access and one-card access
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Fire alarms
  • Networking and communication
  • IP PBX
  • Multimedia meeting room
  • Computer room constructure
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