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Premium China access

Global Internet access (GIA for short) is a global Internet access service provided by China Telecom for enterprises. As for multinational companies, China Telecom offers the solutions of premium China access between mainland China and counties outside China, enabling you to access the most extensive and leading Chinese Internet resources and millions of Internet subscribers. AS for Chinese-funded enterprises, China Telecom provides the world's best Internet access solutions, achieving one-stop access to global Internet resources throughout the world and meanwhile the high-speed and stable connection to mainland China.

• Premium China access solution

With a dedicated path and the lowest latency routes on CN2, GIA provides enterprises with premium quality access to the world's most extensive Chinese Internet Information Centres.

•Provide a variety of access options

GIA enables enterprises access to China Telecom CN2 through BGP-4 or static routing with a variety of access speeds on bandwidth from 1M to 1000M, and Internet access technologies including dedicated circuits access, optical access, etc.

•Tailored information and communication solutions

China Telecom also provides enterprises with information, connection and transmission, business application support and other services.

Plus Managed CPE services: Based on global ICT implementation capabilities, China Telecom provides customers with Internet and network terminal equipment integration services. Plus IP Sec services: With Integration of Global Internet Access Service and IP Sec platform, customers can receive a more comprehensive and cost-effective VPN service.

Plus Anti DDoS prevention service: With professional Blackhole and cleaning Pipe for mitigation of DDoS attacks, China Telecom protects your daily business operation from DDoS attacks

•Quality service guarantee

Global Internet Access provides 7 X 24 SLA performance monitoring services, ensuring customer's network flow and service quality.

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