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Over 600 million Internet subscribers, 4 million Chinese websites

Powered by the wide interconnection with other telecom operators in China, China Access provides worldwide enterprise customers with cost effective Chinese internet resources solution. By connecting to ChinaNet (AS4134), customers are able to access to Chinese contents and millions of internet users in ChinaNet. In addition to China Telecom’s contents, global customers can also access to other operators’ Chinese contents with low latency, high reliability and affordable speed through connecting to China Telecom. China Access is the best choice for global ISP/ICP customers who hope to access to Chinese Internet resources with one stop.

• China Telecom owns about 60% of international internet bandwidth in China

According to CNNIC report, as of December 2015 China Telecom had 3,223Gbps of international internet gateway bandwidth, accounting for 59.8% of total international internet gateway bandwidth of China.

• China has the world’s largest Internet market

With the Rapid development of mobile Internet market, China has over 620 million of mobile Internet subscribers. Meanwhile half of Chinese have accessed to the Internet with an Internet penetration rate of 50.3%. Through connecting to China Telecom, global customers can interact more conveniently with up to 688 million Internet users in China.

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