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Registry Area Covered
AFRINIC Africa Region
APNIC Asia/Pacific Region
ARIN North America Region
LACNIC Latin America and some Caribbean Islands
RIPE NCC Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia

IP addresses are loaned to CTG from the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) such as APNIC or RIPE. In turn, CTG lends those IP addresses to our customers for use while connected to the CTG network. The size of the IP address loan varies and is solely based on the need of the customer.

CTG allocation of IP addresses policies based on the principles of RIRs.

Conservation: The objective distribution of globally unique IP address space is according to the operational needs of customers. CTG tries to prevent stockpiling in order to maximize the utilization of IP address space.

Routability: The distribution of globally unique IP address space in a hierarchical manner, which permits in the internet routing table. The loan of IP address space by CTG does not guarantee routability, due to other ISPs routing policies.

Registration: CTG provided information on which entity is using the IP space to RIRs. While a customer is allocated static IP addresses, the customer information will be added to our IRRD server. This information includes: customer's name, company name if a business, postal address, e-mail address, IP address, and telephone number.

IP Addressing allocated only for Global Internet Access (GIA), open on all supported Global Internet Access (GIA) of international network devices, the assigned IPv4 addresses registered in the CN2 (AS4809).

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