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CTG peovides internet access and global transit servies to carrier and enterprise customers through various technolog- ies.In addition to the core GIS services, CTG also offers value-added services enhancing users' experience.

ChinaNet Paid-peering-One-stop access to China Telecom's Chinese internet resources for telecom operators world- Wide

China Access-Cost effective Chinese internet resources solution for local and regional ISP and ICP

Global Transit-Global internet service with industry-competitive SLA guarantee

Global Internet Access-Premium access solutions between mainland China and other countries for multinational ent- erprise customers, with industry-leading SLA guarantee

Value-added Services

IP Addressing Service-Customers requiring a public IPV4 address and access to CTG internet through static routing may lease public IP address from CTG with monthly charges based on the size of the IP address.

Anti-DDoS Service-2 anti-DDoS options, namely Black-hole and Clean-pipe are available for server protection

•Black-hole service-When DDoS attacks the user server, CTG ISPs change the next hop of attacking target IP address to an empty address(or black-hole server) to block traffic and protect customer network. It is suitable for those who would demand a critical response time for halting attack traffic, including IDC and internet customers.

•Clean-pipe service-When DDoS occurs, it can be detected immediately, followed by traffic guiding, cleaning and re-injection with CTG's professional traffic clean platform server. It is suitable for those who need business continuity,such as finance and e-commerce customers.

Key Features




•Largest Chinese internet content centre-cost effective Chinese internet resources access for internet service providers

•Top-tier stability-highly redundant and reliable service with industry-competitive SLA on latency,jitter,packet drop rate(PDR),PoP availability and mean time to repair(MTTR)

•Flexible billing options-fixed monthly charges or burstable billing based on 95th percentile usage

•High capacity-bandwidth options from 1M to 10G

•Regional specific-route-BGP-4 with full routes or regional specific routes

•Carrier-class Security-Anti-DDoS service with a robust network architecture and resilient connections to ensure network security

•Web-based customer portal-reports on link utilisation and network performance

•Guaranteed quality service-7 x 24 proactive network performance monitoring and management by CTG's professional team

Global Coverage


•Global coverage-CTG owns more than 300 backbone nodes in China and over 63 PoPs around the world.

•The world's largest network-107 million wireline broadband subscribers and more than 118 million mobile internet subscribers.

•ChinaNet (AS4134)hosts more than 2.3 million Chinese websites, manages approxomately 65% of all Chinese Internet domain names, and owns more than 70% of all Chinese Internet resource.

•CN2 (AS4809)with highest resiliency, redundancy and low latency.

•Customer controlled community tagging•Customer controlled community tagging-automatic changes in routing as per customer specified preferences and route tags, six different regional signal community tag.

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