Retail Solution
Retail Industry IT Package
Retail Industry IT Package
Customer's Need
  • Need to integrate IT and business. IT is both technology and service centre.
  • Need to use ICT construction funds effectively, as well as coordinate IT and maintenance personnel.
  • IT system needs to be deployed quickly, with simple network, high level of integration and low investment
  • High security access between headquarters and branch is required.

China Telecom offers high ROI solution, focusing on WAN and WIFI connectivity services.

  1. WAN connectivity service:
    • Multiple Connectivity Solutions including MPLS, IPSec, Mobile VPN
    • High Flexibility & Mobility Solutions using 3G / 4G Access
    • Quick-start Box for Shop Express Deployment Solution
  2. WIFI connectivity service:
    • Business Growth Solution by In-store WIFI Solution
    • O2O Marketing Solution with Mobile App EasyChat / WeChat
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