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Smart industrial park solutions
Secure Network And Extra-low voltage (ELV) Engineering
Smart industrial park solutions
Customer's Need
  • Be familiar with the local IT systems construction specifications, and meet local regulatory requirements.
  • Be familiar with the local IT systems suppliers, and able to determine suitable suppliers / partners.
  • Be familiar with the local human resources practices and policies, and able to recruit suitable IT talents.
  • Master in local language and culture, and able to communicate smoothly with different parties.

With extensive global network, China Telecom customises intelligent park solutions for manufacturing customers. With presence in 41 countries and regions, and services around the world, we can help customers comply with local requirement. Our product and service advantages:

  • We are familiar with overseas suppliers and partners, can provide customers with high-quality local service
  • With rich experience in project planning, design, implementation and operation, we can provide customers with comprehensive solutions
  • We are familiar with the requirements and development trend of informatisation construction in mainland China and overseas, can provide customers with integrated, innovative, ecological and personalised information technology park and plant construction plans
  • Through the intelligent network and platform, the unified information management, multi-directional system linkage and convenient and flexible application selection are realised
  • Using the Internet of things (IoT), Internet and big data technology, we provide efficient, convenient and intelligent comprehensive information services for enterprises and residents in the park
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