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Secure Network And Extra-low voltage (ELV) Engineering
Secure Network And Extra-low voltage (ELV) Engineering
Customer's Need
  • A highly sensitive 360° monitoring system is needed to make the park highly visible and minimise potential safety hazards in the park/factory area.
  • It is necessary to interconnect the integration mechanism of various information systems in the park / plant area to achieve comprehensive control and information sharing.
  • Unified platform is needed for visualisation of production operations to minimising labour, time and money costs.
  • Convenient warehousing and logistics supervision, as well as efficient integration of warehousing products are needed to ensure the efficiency of logistics and transportation, and effective energy saving.
  • Be familiar with local weak current system construction specifications, and meet local regulatory requirements.
  • Be familiar with local weak current engineering human resources practices and policies, and able to recruit suitable IT talents.
  • Master in local language and culture, and able to communicate smoothly with different parties.

With comprehensive strength and extensive cooperation resources, China Telecom is able to tailor highly secure, convenient and efficient Security Network and Extra-low voltage (ELV) Engineering services for manufacturing customers. Our products and services advantages:

  • Intelligent security solutions for the park / plant area integrates industry-leading video diagnosis, video intelligent analysis, intrusion detection technology and emergency dispatch system to perfectly realise real-time supervision of personnel and vehicles, and ensure the normal order of the park / plant area.
  • A set of high-speed, intelligent and safe information system for the park / plant area is established to ensure the ubiquitous access of massive terminals and users, and realise the intelligent linkage and fine control of each module.
  • The park / plant area ICT visualised intelligent platform is built to realise the effective connection and integration of heterogeneous application systems, as well as 360〫 all-round energy monitoring, which improve the management efficiency and service level of the park / plant area, and make the park / plant area more energy saving and environmental-friendly.
Security Network and Extra-low voltage (ELV) Engineering service includes:
  • Integrated wiring
  • Access control and all-in-one card system
  • Security monitoring system
  • Emergency evacuation system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Network and communication system
  • Telephone system
  • Multimedia conference system
  • Computer room engineering
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