Internet Solution
Value Added Services For Global Data Centres
Value Added Services For Global Data Centres
Customer's Need
  • Local IDC resources are needed
  • Local engineering construction supplier resources are needed
  • High requirements on lead time and quality
  • Unified management is needed to comply with local construction standards
  • Be familiar with local IT human resources practices and policies
  • Unified management of the operation and maintenance teams in different regions is needed

With presence in 41 countries and regions, and services around the world, China Telecom is familiar with local communication resources, IT suppliers and human resources. In terms of CDN network and PoP deployment, China Telecom has mature overseas high defense technology and engineering construction experience, providing carrier-level operation and maintenance management experience, unified global delivery standards, and unified project management.

China Telecom provides customised high-quality solutions for different types of Internet industry customers:

  1. IDC internal integrated wiring
    • Suppliers are strictly selected and comply with international standards such as EIA/TIA 568-A/B, ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, etc.
    • Expand local supplier resources and provide supplier training and qualification certification as a reserve for subsequent projects.
    • China Telecom formulates construction technical specifications and organises training for professionals of branches around the world.
    • Organise personnel from headquarters and global branches to attend training at customer headquarters.
  2. IDC daily operation and maintenance services
    1. Accelerate personnel arrival time
      • Strengthen pre-sale communication, conduct consultation, research, and human resource CV collection and screening in advance according to customer needs
      • Recruit qualified talents and provide relevant trainings
    2. Management and improvement of operation and maintenance team
      • The management team formulates operation and maintenance outsourcing management specifications, which applied to branches and offices globally
      • Branches are managed in accordance with the standard and submit customer satisfaction reports on a monthly basis.
      • Operation and maintenance service reports are submitted regularly to customers to continuously improve service quality.
  3. IDC value-added services
    • Equipment on the shelf
    • Hard drive plugging
    • Device restart
    • IOS installation
  4. Diversified equipment delivery
    • Customs clearance of overseas equipment
    • Domestic purchase of equipment (network, server equipment), maintenance of spare parts
    • Equipment collection, storage and transfer
  5. Bandwidth and transmission link
    • Diversified Internet bandwidth access service
    • Basic operator BGP
    • Multi-line export mixed-flow Internet solution
    • Bandwidth redundancy design
    • Burst traffic support
    • Rich routing options for DC redundant transmission
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