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Wesee Video Conference Solution
Customer's Need
  • Flexible choices for conference rooms and locations
  • Reduction in infrastructure investment costs, network transformation costs and management costs
  • Optimal MCU resources under a multi-layer architecture
  • High-quality public network video conferences, which can meet the needs of large-scale mixed network video conference

With industry-leading communication technology and a wide range of international resources, China Telecom provide the best solution for enterprise customers.

  • The amount of tablet computers, personal computers and smartphones is 1000 times that of conference rooms
  • Video conference is allowed to be held across the enterprises and between suppliers and customers without space limitation
  • No infrastructure investment in leasing mode
  • Flexible deployment of routing technology reduces MCU cost
  • The adjustment of API makes it easier for employees to initiate and join video conference
  • Professional video conference management services for easy management
  • High quality video conference with the support of optimal routing, line guarantee and VC technology

Enjoy a video experience that gives you the feeling of actually being there, and solve the problem of real-time communication in the areas of marketing, services, meetings, and training on WeSee! Based on CTG WeSee video conference platform, we provide video conference services at any time, anywhere and at will. Typical business scenarios include:

  1. Conference room video conference
    • No limit to the size of the meeting. Several basic settings are provided, such as 2-6 people, 6-12 people, and more than 12 people.
    • Application to company regular meeting, ad hoc internal meeting, training, etc.
  2. Remote office video conference
    • No limit to the size and location of the meeting
    • Application to ad hoc internal meeting, sales assistance, after-sales service, etc
  3. Desktop application video conference
    • Access via dedicated lines, IPSec and the Internet, using personal computer devices
    • Application to company regular meeting, ad hoc internal meeting, business negotiation, sales assistance, after-sales service, etc.
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