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Unified Communication Solution
Customer's Need
  • Efficient, convenient and easy-to-manage communication methods across regions
  • Access anytime anywhere to ensure high work efficiency.
  • Simplification of business process
  • Unified management of integrated systems for easy upgrade and expansion

China Telecom provides enterprise customers with world-class high-quality unified communication solutions. Our product and service advantages:

  • Leading communication and collaboration solutions: including conference, message passing, telepresence system, contact center and IP communications, etc.
  • Consistent end user experience across devices: provide almost the same interface for Windows, IOS, Android and other platforms
  • Guarantee for quality experience: one stop service including access control, automatic discovery, code conversion and rate conversion
  • Flexible solution selection: easy to integrate with other systems
  • Visualisation: video communication enables users to present vivid content in the most personalised way
  • Mobility: users can use the workspace anytime, anywhere
  • Cross-platform: various terminals and systems can be accessed to obtain collaborative applications
  • Virtualisation: operating system, data and application can be deployed virtualised
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