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Data Centre Premises Construction
Customer's Need
  • Rich experience in design, construction and management of IDC is needed to meet the requirements of self-owned & operated data centres.
  • High requirements on the environmental technology and delivery quality.
  • Need to meet IDC environmental indicators, business management standards and requirements, as well as industry standard and guidelines.
  • Need professional surveying and mapping, and architectural planning index accounting services.
  • Be familiar with project application process of local government supervision units.
  • Provide one-stop engineering services, from demand research, planning and design to construction and installation, and overall delivery
  • Be familiar with domestic and overseas IDC construction standards to ensure that the project meets local standards
  • Provide highly localised services, assist customers to complete the construction application of local government regulatory departments, and ensure the compliance and legality of the project
  • Provide carrier level delivery quality in the aspects of infrastructure, distribution system, lightning protection and grounding, data hall monitoring, network operation centre (NOC) and cabinet wiring system, based on our professional construction team, rich construction experience and advanced technology in the industry
  • Possess the qualifications of professional surveying, mapping and architectural planning index accounting
  • Provide the standard data hall migration service, to ensure data security and smooth operation of the business
  • IDC data hall construction subsystem includes:
    • Power system
    • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
    • High density power distribution and intelligent power distribution
    • 7x24 high reliability air conditioning system
    • FM200 fire protection system
    • IDC Construction Engineering
    • Infrastructure monitoring system
    • Cabinet construction
    • Closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring system
    • Generic cabling system
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