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Bank Data Centre Service Migration-solutions
Bank Data Centre Service Migration-solutions
Customer's Need
  • Seamless migration of application and data.
  • Service continuity.
  • High reliability of interconnection between main and backup data centres.
  • Reduction of implementation and operation complexity.
  • Optimisation of access path to avoid lateral traffic.
  • Our bank data centre service migration solution is suitable for the migration of data centres with high requirements for business services, so as to ensure the uninterrupted host business in the migration process
  • It can realise the networking scheme of three centres in two places, and double live data centre in one city, ensure zero data loss, 7x24 uninterrupted operation of business system, allow remote disaster recovery, and avoid data loss caused by disaster events
  • It supports rapid business expansion, and is easy to realise the two-layer interconnection and disaster recovery scheme of the three centres in two places
  • Bank Data Centre Service Migration Solution includes:
    • Using OTV/VxLAN technology for Layer 2 connection between the new and old data centers, to ensure no host service interruptions during migration.
    • Host (server) uninterrupted migration.
    • Using host HA technology, which allows migrating on backup hosts (servers) to the new data centre first. Once test run on the backup hosts (servers) is stable, main hosts (servers) switch can be performed.
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