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Managed Services
China Telecom Global's comprehensive Managed Service is designed to provide customers with professional IT support.

China Telcom Global provides customers with fast and flexible one-stop all-round IT solutions by integrating the IT service capabilities of each cloud node location. Based on the cloud nodes with extensive global coverage, we provide customers with cross-regional cloud host deployment, combined with the powerful IT service team capabilities, to achieve rapid launch of customer applications. We also provide 7x24 hours monitoring and a workflow based on the ITIL process specifications to ensure that the IT services hosted by customers are known, sensible, controllable and maintainable.

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Key Features
Single Point of Connect, Multiple Points of Implementation
Single Point of Connect, Multiple Points of Implementation
We are able to integrate global multi-cloud nodes, through one-stop service to solve customers' multi-node IT service deployment. Compared with the traditional communication and implementation of each node of the customer, China Telecom Global's Managed Service can reduce customer communication time, while greatly improve customer's branch node IT efficiency, and save customers the cost of single-point IT procurement.
Flexible Expansion as Needed
Flexible Expansion as Needed
According to the customer's business development speed, adapt the corresponding management service capabilities to avoid a large amount of investment in one time.
Expert Teams with Best Services
Expert Teams with Best Services
With a large number of certified experts, we can provide customers with the best quality of IT service suggestions to ensure that the customer's IT system architecture is stable and easy to expand. We also combine a large number of professional monitoring, management and other tools to provide customers with a full range of visual services.

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