MPLS VPN - Engineering Company
MPLS VPN - Financial Services Company
MPLS and SD-WAN – International Machine Builder
MPLS and SD-WAN - Public Utility Company
Ethernet - Multinational Internet Company
Commercial Vehicles - Global Connectivity Solution
Passenger Vehicles - Multinational Business Deployment
IoT - Smart Home Appliances (NB-IoT Project)
IoT - Smart Industrial Equipment
Passenger Vehicles - Multinational Business Deployment
Customer's Need
  • Domestic and overseas passenger vehicles business.
  • Public network and private network with dual APN.
  • Factory installation testing package.
  • Connectivity management platform.
  • DPI content based billing, data and voice whitelisting.
  • Dynamic shared data pool.
  • Unified card manufacturing and vehicles production site delivery.
  • API integration and management connection.
  • TSP platform connection via dedicated line.
  • Provide SIM Profile and cooperate with designated vendors for unified card production.
  • Provide factory testing, commercial traffic and location-based commercial traffic.
  • Support wireless access for multiple local operators in order to provide comprehensive coverage.
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