MPLS VPN - Engineering Company
MPLS VPN - Financial Services Company
MPLS and SD-WAN – International Machine Builder
MPLS and SD-WAN - Public Utility Company
Ethernet - Multinational Internet Company
Commercial Vehicles - Global Connectivity Solution
Passenger Vehicles - Multinational Business Deployment
IoT - Smart Home Appliances (NB-IoT Project)
IoT - Smart Industrial Equipment
IoT - Smart Industrial Equipment
Customer's Need
  • Track sold devices and achieve closed-loop management.
  • Identify device failures in real time and save manpower costs.
  • Use professional IT services and technology to build information platforms.
  • Provide one-stop SaaS+ network service based on industry enablement.
  • Substantially reduce software development cost and time.
  • Establish long-term cooperation to promote smart heat pumps adoption.
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